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Study visa without ielts Chandigarh

Study Visa Without Ielts Chandigarh

Study visa without ielts Chandigarh

If you are a college, school going students or graduated and wants to go aboard for higher studies but scared from ielts, So one good news for you, Now you can go abroad without ielts. Eden immigration is a experienced immigration consultant. We provides the complete guidance related how to get Study visa without ielts Chandigarh . Although One of the important requirements for taking admission in foreign universities or colleges is Language proficiency test scores. The test basically test a student’s language skills but if a student wants to get study visa without ielts, that student has to follow the procedure.

Institutes which accepts student without Ielts

Although many institutes in world’s different countries requires Ielts to take admission in them, There are other institutes in different countries such as Australia, Germany, USA which don’t need Ielts Bands to take admission in them but they have their own requirements. We make sure to guide completely related to get study visa without Ielts Chandigarh.

Procedure For Study Visa Without Ielts Chandigarh

There are universities which ignores Ielts Bands score if the student has studied from a high school where that student’s medium is English. It means where all classes are taught in English.

In those universities or colleges where your high school qualifications are not accepted for direct admission, Pathway programs are there to help. Those institutes require student to go through pathway programs to take admission in them.

Pathway Programs

Pathway programs are really helpful to get admission. Their duration is basically from 9-15 months. They allow students to take English as second language (ESL) courses and finishing the program courses with good English skills is important.

Basic Requirement for Getting Admission In Countries

There are different institutes in different countries such as

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • US
  • U.K
  • Europe


  • Study In Australia

Although Australian universities needs Ielts score but there are universities in Australia which ignores Ielts requirements. Basically they have their own basic requirement. University of Queensland require the student to have at least 5 years work experience. Basically in a company where English is the primary language and there are different other universities which require other basic requirements and for that we provide you complete lists of universities and their requirements. We have strong connections in those universities and we can guide you to get study visa without Ielts Chandigarh.

  • Study in Canada

There are many institutes in Canada which don’t want Ielts bands scores. Before getting admission the student has to apply for ESL program which is basically for 6 Months. After finishing the program with good English skills the student will be eligible for taking admission for their selected courses. There are a lot of benefits for a student to study in Canada as Many institutes of Canada provides a lot of helpful courses in developing educations skills and Eden immigration is completely updated with the latest rules and regulations in the Canadian universities.

  • Study in US

A Student can study in many USA institutes without Ielts score. There is a benefit for those students who want to get admission without Ielts. If a student has studied in any graduate or secondary school where there is only English medium then the student will not have to show their Ielts Bands proof. There is also an option such as undertaking the Intensive English Language. Basically this is university’s preparatory language program to teach the student integrated skills like reading, listening, speaking, vocabulary and also culture and grammar as well. Eden immigration which also provides the best Ielts coaching in Chandigarh provides you necessary information about the colleges and all other institutions list and suggests best option for you.

  • Study In U.K

Yes there are universities which accepts a student without Ielts but for that there are some pre-requisites. One of them is that a student must have good score in English examination in 12th class. Eden immigration provides best institutes list of colleges for your desired course. So there is not much problem in getting admission in institutes in U.K.

  • Study in Europe countries

There are many countries in Europe which don’t require student’s language proficiency score proof. They also have their basic requirements such as a student must have studied in English medium in five recent year and also has offered English language as first language at the International General Certificate of Secondary Education or Ordinary Level. There is also a procedure after that to get admission in universities in Europe countries. Great advantages they provide such as their education is very cheap and tuitions fess are also very cheap from 0 to 500 Euros.

Also there are other countries which you can choose for studies. We provide you each and every information. Eden immigration has five years experience. We are completely updated with the policies going on for getting study visa without Ielts Chandigarh. There are procedures which the student has to follow and thus in the right manner the student can get admission without any difficulty. Studying in Top institutes enhance one’s skills.