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Nanny Coaching Punjab

Nanny coaching Punjab

Nanny is someone (usually an adult) who completely invests in a child’s development unlike babysitter who is only there for a child for only few hours. A nanny’s duties include teaching a kid life skills such as potty training as well as Feeding, changing, bathing, helping child in doing homework. Nanny is expected to be fully committed to a child. In Eden immigration we provide best nanny coaching Punjab for those who want to choose nanny career. Basically It’s easy to get work visa after completing the nanny course and after doing nanny course one can apply for visa under caretaker category.

nanny coaching punjab

Nanny Course details

The main problem a candidate can face is to decide which institute is the best for nanny course. Eden immigration have ten plus years experience. First of all one should know details about nanny course such as
Nanny course details


Nanny Course basically has two modules
  •  Child care
  •  Old care

Basic things we cover in Nanny coaching Punjab

In Eden immigration we cover many important topics under nanny course. Few of them are

  • Communication as well as interpersonal skills: A candidate during the nanny course learns about communication skills as well as interpersonal skills. This is one of the necessary things for nanny.
  • Health and safety containing first aid knowledge: Knowledge of health and safety is quite necessary for nanny career. Since a nanny has to live with the family so for emergency a nanny should have required knowledge about giving first aid properly.
  • Childhood development: This is the main thing a nanny does. While a child’s parents are not at home, a nanny takes care of a child’s life skills and ensures development of that child.
  • Care of a disable person: This is one of the requirements a nanny should have. We also teach candidates about how to take care of a disable person.
  • How to manage a child’s behavior: A nanny has to be ready to deal with each type of child. We in Eden immigration try to provide the required tricks to manage a child’s behavior.
  • Nutrition and food: A nanny’s job is to decide which food should be the best for a child or for an old person. It’s kind of big responsibility. A nanny should also know how to cook that nutrition food for the child and should decide about the necessary scheduling.
  • Household management: A nanny sometimes also has to fulfill some extra responsibilities such as household management so we provide training in that as well. We provide important things a nanny will have to deal with.
  • Old care: There are many factors in old care which a candidate learns during the nanny course such as understanding the age process, mental and health issues for old person.

Benefits of Nanny Course

There are many benefits of nanny course such as

Easy to get work visa:
  • One of the benefits of doing nanny course is that a candidate can easily get work visa. The candidate can also apply for PR.
Easy to get job:
  • After completing course one can get the job easily apart from getting easy visa.
Easy to get PR:
  • One of the benefits of Nanny course is that one can easily apply for PR and chance of getting PR will be better in nanny profile.

Why Eden immigration

Eden immigration has ten years plus experience in this field. We provide necessary knowledge and also give complete guidance about work visa process. We give free consultation that is why we are the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh for last many years.

  • Best infrastructure classroom for good learning environment.
  • Well experienced teachers.
  • Flexible timings and we also have early morning and late night batch.
  • Affordable fees including study material